30 April 2012

Where Is My Mind?

A couple of Saturdays back, our aerial silks teacher held her second student showcase. Wife Megan being in a maternal way, she was unable to perform, but she choreographed, and I was lucky enough to be subject to her whims (and thus, you have her to blame for my provocative costuming). Along with my scene partner Jeanne Barenholtz I enacted a Fight Club-inspired routine to the Pixies' angsty classic Where Is My Mind?. All photos compliments Seamus Maclennan.
A miasma of silky warm-up.

We were aiming for right-angled awkward, but this just looks flat-out weird.

Just don't ask about the fabric burns. For, like, at least another week more.

Don't worry - there's actually at least three layers of undies there.

This is all Jeanne.

This, less so.

I wasn't eating chocolate. That was a jellied smear of stage blood, until my sweat took over.

Our silks were not rigged that close, hence our bulging guns (OK: Jeanne's bulging guns).

23 April 2012

Guest Post @ Fighting Monkey Press

The first of two guest posts I'll be writing over at Pavarti Tyler's Fighting Monkey Press went up last Friday. If'n you haven't already, please hit up Pav's site to reward yourself for knowing someone who knows someone as awesome as she. My post is to do with religion, so you can visit to start and/or join a flame-war while you're at it! An excerpt, whetting your spiritual palate:

"...[I]t should come as small surprise that so many of us define ourselves by distinction and exclusion. It’s almost a self-explanatory notion – one reads the word 'distinction,' and the definition begs a synonym of identification. Yet they aren’t the same thing. My favorite color is blue, because my favorite color is not yellow. Even logically, that sentence doesn’t compute. The distinction is not the reason, nor the causation.

"Yet we hasten to describe and define our religion by what we don’t believe."

17 April 2012

Detecting that Marvelous Difference

What advice would you give Warner Brothers on getting their Justice League movie going?

"Call me. No, seriously, it's enormously difficult to take very disparate characters and make them work. And DC has a harder time of it than Marvel because their characters are from a bygone era where characters were bigger than we were. Marvel really cracked the code in terms of them being just like us. I think you need to use that as your base."

-Joss Whedon, director of The Avengers, speaking with Dark Horizons

11 April 2012


A village in Nottinghamshire, a county in central England, 'Gotham' has been settled for millennia. In the medieval era, it became famed as a place settled by madmen, for, at least according to legend, the villagers feigned insanity in order to avoid being put to work building a royal road, which was then rerouted away from Gotham. Washington Irving borrowed this legend in a short story of 1807, calling New York 'Gotham'...
- Word Origin: 2012 Day-to-Day Calendar, Wednesday, April 11