11 April 2012


A village in Nottinghamshire, a county in central England, 'Gotham' has been settled for millennia. In the medieval era, it became famed as a place settled by madmen, for, at least according to legend, the villagers feigned insanity in order to avoid being put to work building a royal road, which was then rerouted away from Gotham. Washington Irving borrowed this legend in a short story of 1807, calling New York 'Gotham'...
- Word Origin: 2012 Day-to-Day Calendar, Wednesday, April 11


Patrick said...

I love this. Explains a lot. Gotham always suggested the dark, seedy, psychopathic side of the place to me. Metropolis never leaves the 1950s in my mind's eye, and The Big Apple always conjurs hordes of t-shirted and baseball-capped tourists standing about midtown in enormous herds. What other nicknames are there? I wonder if there are any that suggest a place I would like?

Jeff Wills said...

The Capital of The World
The City
The City So Nice, They Named It Twice
The City That Never Sleeps
Empire City
Hymie Town

HYMIE TOWN?! I dunno. Maybe that one. Either way, you and I are henceforth to refer to it as HYMIE TOWN.