11 May 2008

No, I'm here. I am. I'm just . . .

So, this week is nutso in the extreme for yours truly. I just wanted to say that I have lots o' lots to write about, and little time (and virtually none in front of a computer) in which to post it. So be patient, Gentle Reader. All in good time.

In other news, did anyone else ever notice how similar Robert Downey Jr. and I are in body type? You know -- if I had five hours with a personal trainer each day. Uncanny Iron Man:

Update! Just in case you can't get Dave's link in the "Reactions" section to work :


Davey said...

Did anyone else notice that Tony's brown tank top with blue flower pattern shirt looks like something you could buy at places like Claire's or Delia's?

Nat said...

You and Iron Man also both have an expressed desire to rid the world of all Chinamen. Eerie.

Jeff Wills said...

Davey: No. I didn't. Now the entire movie is ruined by the choices of a costume designer. Damn that person, whomever s/he may be. Don't they know all the best deals are at Forever 21?

Nat: In spite of his name, I'm fairly cvertain The Mandarin was meant to be Vietnamese. Perhaps in the sequel we'll now have The Afghan, with terrifying powers of knitting.

Chopper Dave said...



Jeff Wills said...

That nose is made of a gold-titanium allow, don'tcha know.

You = Rule.