14 February 2008

Valence Times Stay

A year ago today I was writing about snow. This year, we had our snow about twenty-four hours ago, and it was real purty, and it is real gone, now. Now it's just wicked cold, and bright. Valentine's Day isn't typically a holiday that brings a lot of clarity with it, either meteorologically speaking or emotionally, but today it seems to have done just that on at least one count.

Many of my friends are reaching out to wish each other a happy one, and I extend the same greeting. I still don't dig this holiday in any way. To put a finer point on it: It blows. Lotsa money. Lotsa energy. Lotsa people singled out (literally and figuratively) for misery by it. So, as with every other year on this day, I encourage you, gentle reader, to consider the value of platonic love today. My hat's off to all my friends in a sweeping bow of gratitude. If they made candy hearts with platonic aphorisms on them, mine would read:

In all this world, the most buoying thing, the greatest force, the excellent material of my skein of days is your presence in my life, which allows me the opportunity to occasionally offer you a fraction of the joy your existence brings to me, my friend.

My candy heart is big with love for you all.


Patrick said...

And a belated happy Valentine's Day to you, Grumpy Pants. The gift of you continues to enhance my skein of days as well. And my Rumi poem over at Loose Ends includes you too, of course. Thanks for helping me live unsoberly in oh so many ways.

Moheggie said...

"It's romantic, okay?"

Jeff Wills said...

I'd wager you make me more unsober than I make you, Patrick, but I'm glad I help in some small ways in that direction. Thank you. And as for you, Pepe: Are you inferring that I'm in some ways similar to Katie Holmes?

"You tell him, and I will smack you. I will smack you like a bad, bad donkey, okay?"