13 January 2008

I've Been Shot

On Thursday last, with a little help from friends and family, I finally managed to acquire some decent headshots. I went to a fellow by the name of Jimmi Kilduff, after much research and a few emails and phone calls, and I could not be happier. These are a very small sampling, not yet retouched, and copyright (c) Jimmi Kilduff 2008: Do you like my watch? I like my watch. I like my watch so much, I gave my watch it's own headshot.

I'm a sexy lumberjack. There's no other kind of lumberjack, really. It's just that you can't always tell under the beard and pine sap.

Do I look casual? I'm trying to look casual. I'm trying, very hard, to look absolutely, positively, casual.

Lovably frumpy, in that gunmetal sort of way.

Law & Order: Call me.

'Preciate any feedback you'd care to contribute, General Audience, but mostly I'm just clowning around here. It was a great time, and I'm feeling very gratified with the results. Thanks to everyone who helped me afford the time and money. You rule.


Megan said...

Ooh, no one ever told me I was dating a model! SCORE!

dave said...

Well Hell-ooooo, lumberjack!

just how many of those buttons are undone?

Jeff Wills said...

Megan: That's where I go at night--to underground runway walk-offs.
Dave: The real surprise is that I'm not wearing pants in any of these shots. The photographer insisted that was a professional technique, and I believe him.

Davey said...

The serious picture in front of the ominous sky is not the headshot you send to Law and Order.

It's the one you send to Heroes.

I don't even watch that show and I think that picture makes you look like it belongs on the cover of EW trumpeting the all new third season.

Patrick said...

Hawt. The first one is my favorite. I've always loved that watch. Yeah, I never wear pants for headshots. Or for my day job.

FYI, I applaud you wanting to give the photographer credit for these shots, but the copyright issue is more complicated. You own the images now, and are allowed to copy them whenever you want, without having to pay him royalties. I mention this only because I know people who have had trouble getting their photos copied when they were on the road; copy places less familiar with actors would balk, believing they needed the permission of the photographer to reproduce them.

Jeff Wills said...

Davey: Bless your heart. If I had a secret super power, I'd make it the ability to make you my agent.
Patrick: Thanks for the advice. Also, it's nice to know you prefer the pantless approach too. Completely unsurprising, but nice.

Davey said...

Wait what?

There are people who wear pants when they get their picture taken?


Jeff Wills said...

Hey hey hey: Let's not get judgey, Judgey McJudgerton. Freaks they may be, but they're also human.