26 October 2007

Notions (Part 1 of ?)

  • A Punch & Judy themed show with Friend Heather, incorporating elements from the entire history of the characters, but ultimately modern and strange and funny.

  • A monodrama about my relationship with comicbooks and superheroes(TM). I started this a few years ago, creating thirty-odd pages of single-spaced, freestyle text, and ended up with a last couple of pages that were pretty effective. Also, Friend Patrick and I took some moments in a room to work on physical bits for it (though I probably never mentioned that was what I was doing, Patrick).

  • A clown version of Romeo and Juliet, in Italian and English. Zuppa's been bouncing this around since our last trip to Italy (see most of June '07) as a possible collaborative project between ourselves and our Italian counterpart(s), though now it seems a little too ambitious for a first project, not to mention whilst trying to tour Silent Lives at the same time. Still, it grabs my imagination. What I imagine is a largely silent production, with all in clown noses which are gradually stripped away as the lives of the characters become more perilous.

  • A werewolf novel that I haven't made real progress on in years ("Been working on that, what, three years now?"), but continually think about and occasionally daydream into.

  • A clown film I keep taking notes on, wherein a working stiff in New York gets magicked into a clown accidentally, which renders him completely amnesiac about how to get through a day in the city, but also grants him acrobatic ability. It would be filmed entirely on location, with strangers and actor friends playing various urban creatures, and ultimately be a sort of love poem to the city, along the lines of J. Alfred Prufrock. "If I thought my answer were to one who could return to the world, I would not reply, but as none ever did return alive from this depth, without fear of infamy I answer thee." Translation by G.B. Harrison et al., eds. Major British Writers.

  • To use Friend Patrick's Sukeu mask in performance.

  • To construct a stilt costume incorporating arm extensions with working hands or claws, possibly along the theme of a praying mantis.

  • To engineer and construct homemade stilts with jumping capability.

  • To pick up the trombone again, much to the chagrin of my neighbors.


Davey said...

To many things to say, I'll email you later. But for now...

So many of your ideas make me jelously want to leave behind everything here and live in a corner to work with you.

Miss you man.

walkinhomefromthethriftstore said...

I'm interested in collaborating on the praying mantis project.

Jeff Wills said...

Miss you too, Davey! All the news of your games that gets back to me makes me want to come for a visit just to sit and brainstorm story elements with you and Markus. In fact, let's see about that soon. Thanks for the encouragement.

whftts, you're on. I'll send you some pictures of stuff I'm considering using.