24 April 2007


Can work be so tense

That there is no time for 'blog?

The pencil tip snaps.


Melissa said...

I had wondered what had happend...so quiet in the Aviary

Jeff Wills said...

Yes. The birds were muffled by miles of red tape and reams of plain, white printer paper. But there's hope yet for them to migrate out from under it all.

Clap your hands if you believe in ravens!

No, not really.

Stop clapping, Melissa...

Melissa Riker said...

I can't!!
But I can clap with my feet.
Upside down.
Wanna see?

Jeff Wills said...

Hugin and Munin do, and they're out from under all that detritus now, patiently waiting, heads cocked, expectant for your to turn on your head and clap...